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Who is Danny?

For over 35 years, Danny has been dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for their customers.

As an integral part of the BUNZL Group since 2011, Danny's primary mission is to develop products and services that set the standard for performance and protection across various sectors in the national market, including civil construction, industry, agriculture, mining, and more.

Not only is Danny fully committed to developing and delivering products that ensure the safety and well-being of Brazilian workers, but they also offer training and specialized technical consulting in occupational safety. This helps clients understand workplace risks and the most effective ways to protect their employees.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Danny strives to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and supports responsible business practices throughout its operations.

Danny's unwavering dedication to protecting people and the drive to consistently deliver the best results are integral to our DNA, making us a company truly committed to looking after people!

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The PPE is in our DNA

We are passionate about innovation and driven by quality in our products. The PPE is the foundation of our DNA and our values: Understand, Protect, and Innovate.

Our greatest commitment is to deliver the best solutions for people's protection to the market, and that means thoroughly understanding the risks and needs of each of our clients and partners in order to develop products and services that provide a high level of safety and well-being.
This is a value that we embrace with intensity, and our products reflect that intensity in their composition. After all, the lives that make up the daily routines of our clients, both inside and outside their companies, need to perform their work with total safety, integrity, and dignity.
We are passionate about innovation. That's why we closely follow every market development, both in Brazil and abroad, so that each of our clients always has access to the most advanced work safety solutions, both in our products and in our processes.
Our commitment, our structure

Our commitment, our structure

We are a team of hundreds of dedicated employees who share a passion for workplace safety and are committed to providing our customers with innovative, high-quality products.

At Danny, our focus is on delivering products that are not only durable and reliable but also effective in ensuring the safety and well-being of users.

To achieve exceptional delivery of innovative and top-quality products, we make significant investments in research and development, efficient manufacturing processes, and stringent quality testing. Furthermore, we always prioritize customer satisfaction, which we measure through our Annual Voice of the Customer Survey, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

We currently serve all regions of the country from two strategically positioned locations. Our largest distribution center is located in Itajaí - Santa Catarina, while our administrative office and another distribution center are situated in Guarulhos - São Paulo. By consistently integrating advanced technology into our processes, we constantly optimize our distribution channels—from collection to delivery—ensuring that our customers receive their orders quickly and efficiently. We take pride in delivering the finest PPEs across Brazil.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment remains unyielding, and we are determined to keep pushing forward without an end in sight.


Unity 1 Administrative office- SP

Rua Joseph Zarzour, 93 - 15º andar Vila Moreira, Guarulhos - SP

CEP: 07020-08

Morbi condimentum aliquam metus in vehicula (en) Centro de Distribuição- SC

Rua Fermino Vieira Cordeiro, 380 - Galpão 2 Módulo A Espinheiros, Itajaí - SC

CEP: 88317-200

Unidade São Paulo Centro de Distribuição- SP

Av. Carmela Dutra, 180 - CG02 Jd. Presidente Dutra, Guarulhos - SP

CEP: 07170-150

Top of Mind Protection

Danny, eleita 11 vezes consecutivas como a marca mais lembrada de luvas de proteção. O Prêmio Top of Mind da Revista Proteção é um prêmio que reconhece as marcas mais memoráveis ​​entre os profissionais que atuam na área de segurança e saúde no trabalho, contribuindo para a disseminação de boas práticas e tecnologias de segurança. As empresas premiadas são reconhecidas pelo seu compromisso com a qualidade e inovação.

Danny is GPTW: A Great Place to Work

Danny is GPTW: A Great Place to Work

Outros Reconhecimentos

It aims to promote a strong connection between buyers and suppliers of PPE. A seal that measures Danny's degree of responsibility towards its clients This is an award that Danny has been recognized by a major client, in the PPE supplier category. We are considered one of the largest and main suppliers of this partner